Joka consists of a very ambitious and united group of responsible people who managed toestablish this firm thanks to the twenty-year-old experience of Jolanta and Janusz Wsol. The firmthat professionally fits both modern and traditional laminate or wooden floors in all various kinds ofinteriors such as schools, hospitals, hotels, banks, offices or gyms.

Today's JOKA is a firm that is capable of performing any complex redecorations starting from taking out any furniture through any repair of the old flooring, or fitting the new one to furnishing the rooms and adapting them to suit the client who enters a totally new fully finished room. If our client wishes to we can also supply them with our own designs and ideas for the room.

We own all sorts of professional equipment and tools, well trained employees, we act according to widely known and implemented technologies, systems and products which have all the required certificates according to strict quality and environmental rules. We have obtained international certificates of firms such as Tarkett, Polyflor, Uzin, Kiesel, or Artelit which constitutes our firm reliability and implementations by our firm in the city of Katowice such as ZETO Geodesy, District Center of Geodesy Documentation and Cartography, District Health Center at Powstancow Street, Avimed Hospital are our recommendation. We cooperate with a bunch of best architects and designers. We organise displays and trainings, we provide professional technical help together with cost estimation guidance. We perform the check-up of humidity of floors by hygrometer. Our firm got trust of important institutions such as Courts in Katowice in Warszawska and Andrzeja Streets, Prosecution Office in Wita Stwosza Street, City Cluster Police Office in Raciborz.

F.H.U. JOKA ul. Żeliwna 26e, 40-599 Katowice
tel/fax   032 20-50-800,   032 20-50-999
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