JOKA firm performs complex redecoration works:

  1. Redecorating and modernising works in places like:
    • healthcare (surgeries, MRI rooms,X-ray rooms, ICU s)
    • schools (computer labs, TV rooms)
    • sports facilities (gyms, changing rooms)
    • offices ( server rooms, computer rooms, conference halls)
    • hotels
  2. Finishing works:
    • putting the tiles
    • painting
    • sliding surfaces
    • hanging the wallpaper
  3. Transport:
    • transporting materials by 1 tone van around the whole country
    • transporting materials by 1,5 tone van around the whole country

Specialising in:

  1. installing PVC flooring – special use ones, common use and carpets
  2. installing panel floors
  3. cleaning and maintaining PVC and rubber floorings
  4. Removing using Stripper old stuck carpets, tails, linoleum. Rubber and PVCfloorings
  5. making floors using self-leveling concrete mix and installing fast-dry joint-less floor

Cost calculation of building works at joka1@joka.net.pl

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